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How to Make your Perfumes Last Longer?

Tired of taking your perfume bottle around with you all the time because it just lasts too short and vanishes before you even reach your destination?

Well, worry no more! We bring you a list of tips that will make sure your perfumes last longer and you don’t have to risk breaking your delicate perfume bottle while taking it from one place to another.

  • Go for a perfume with a stronger base product!

Scents of musk, vanilla, and amber will last longer because their particles are heavier than other particles like florals!

  • Take out your Vaseline and moisturizer from your closet!

Oils help retain fragrance for longer. Apply some Vaseline or oil-based moisturizer onto your skin and then apply the perfume. Not only will it retain the fragrance, but it will also make your skin better and softer!

  • Follow the popular label you read on all medicine: Store in a cool, dry place and keep away from sunlight.

Sunlight, specifically the UV rays in sunlight, can break down fragrance-producing particles in the perfume, leading to a less potent perfume. However, this doesn’t mean you go and keep your perfume bottles inside your refrigerator because it might soak up the smell of foods. Stay moderate! Keeping the perfumes in their original cardboard containers will help solve this issue.

  • Know the difference between an “eau de toilette” and an eau de parfum”

Eau de parfums are stronger and last longer than their “toilette” counterparts.

  • Know your hot points

Perfumes stick longer when applied to exposed areas which produce more body heat. This includes pulse points as well because body temperature is a little higher at those points.

We hope you have a refreshing, fragrance-full day ahead with these tips!