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How to Make your Perfumes Last Longer?

Tired of taking your perfume bottle around with you all the time because it just lasts too short and vanishes before you even reach your destination?

Well, worry no more! We bring you a list of tips that will make sure your perfumes last longer and you don’t have to risk breaking your delicate perfume bottle while taking it from one place to another.

  • Go for a perfume with a stronger base product!

Scents of musk, vanilla, and amber will last longer because their particles are heavier than other particles like florals!

  • Take out your Vaseline and moisturizer from your closet!

Oils help retain fragrance for longer. Apply some Vaseline or oil-based moisturizer onto your skin and then apply the perfume. Not only will it retain the fragrance, but it will also make your skin better and softer!

  • Follow the popular label you read on all medicine: Store in a cool, dry place and keep away from sunlight.

Sunlight, specifically the UV rays in sunlight, can break down fragrance-producing particles in the perfume, leading to a less potent perfume. However, this doesn’t mean you go and keep your perfume bottles inside your refrigerator because it might soak up the smell of foods. Stay moderate! Keeping the perfumes in their original cardboard containers will help solve this issue.

  • Know the difference between an “eau de toilette” and an eau de parfum”

Eau de parfums are stronger and last longer than their “toilette” counterparts.

  • Know your hot points

Perfumes stick longer when applied to exposed areas which produce more body heat. This includes pulse points as well because body temperature is a little higher at those points.

We hope you have a refreshing, fragrance-full day ahead with these tips!



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Out of ideas for the upcoming Father’s Day and don’t want to give a typical “Best Father in the World” mug to your superhero? We’ve got you covered with a list of the best perfumes you could give to your old man this Father’s Day! Perfumes are, after all, way better than the other typical Father’s Day gifts.


With cedar and vanilla amongst the base notes, this perfume is the perfect gift for a masculine figure like your father! It’s simple, classy and masculine.



The packaging of the perfume is as masculine and classy as they get! If your father is fond of wearing suits and formal wear, this perfume is perfect for him. With a base note of tobacco, this perfume is going to take him through a ride in the classy world!



The perfect way to flatter your dad! Write a note saying something cheesy like this is definitely for you (because he’s a gentleman!) or just say it out loud. With a strong base note of wood, this perfume will last long when applied and satisfy his olfactory senses.


This strong, intoxicating scent will have your whole family addicted and your dad is definitely going to love it! The packaging is just cherry on top with the classy black glass bottle and the golden façade!




Buy one of these and you’ll not be disappointed. Your dad is going to love them! Also, whenever he gets a sniff of the perfume you give him, it will remind him of the lovely person who gifted it to him. So, grab this opportunity to get him a sensual perfume that he will never stop thanking you for!



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If you’ve tried all the tricks in the book to attract your crush and have him crush over you too but failed miserably, then I suggest you try this one last trick that is probably not mentioned in all of your dating tips’ books. It’s simple. Just get a perfume from our list of perfumes that attract men and voila! Watchmen fall head over heels for you.

It has been proven that the right kind of perfumes can actually induce sexual attraction and sexual arousal in males. Therefore, we present to you some of the best perfumes that will make him go crazy for you.

Bombshell EDP by Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is the ideal place for you to shop from if you’re looking to attract a man. From hot lingerie to sensual and stimulating perfumes, they have all it takes to help induce sexual attraction in males!

Pheromone EDP by Marilyn Miglin

This perfume contains pheromones. These are chemicals that, when released, have the ability to induce sexual arousal, comfort, and relaxation in the surrounding people.

Hypnotic Poison EDT by Christian Dior

This perfume has a cinnamon base note and will make your man (or man-to-be) go wild! Naturally, men are attracted to the smell of cinnamon. Therefore, this perfume will greatly boost your chance of scoring a man as it will, like the name suggests; hypnotically poison him with your love.

Daisy EDT by Marc Jacobs

This exciting and tempting blend of floral and spicy notes will have him sniffing you all night.

Head over to grab one of these perfumes and find yourself the man of your dreams! Remember, no one is out of your league when you have perfumes like these to back you up!


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Most Popular Perfumes for Men

Not smelling bad and smelling good are two different things parted by a very thin line. Smelling good has always play a pivotal role in being attractive. The choice of perfume says a lot about a person.

Fragrance industry has never failed to come up with a number of excellent fragrances each year. Some fragrances however remain evergreen. Let us have a look at some of the top most perfumes for men.

Creed EDP – Aventusthose who have been fortunate enough to use this can vouch for its uniqueness. This is perfect to be worn anywhere anytime. It smells of pineapple, birch and musk. Excellent perfume with a masculine touch.

Fierce EDT – Abercrombie & Fitchif you are looking for something sweet with a touch of woody fragrance, Fierce is the right one for you. It has top notes of cardamom, fir, lemon, orange and petitgrain. Jasmine, Rosemary, Lily and rose follow as medium notes with low notes of musk, oakmoss and Brazilian rosewood.

Le Male EDT – Jean Paul Gaultier: le male is the first ever fragrance by Jean Paul and is already a hit. It has top notes of mint, lavender and Bergamot with middle notes of Cumin, orange blossom and cardamom.  Vanilla, Tonka bean, sandalwood and Cedar wood make the low notes. This fragrance is for men who like a gentle fragrance paired up with a masculine touch.

Homme Intense EDP – Dior: this fragrance holds a distinct place in the perfume world. it is foe men who know their fragrance game well. It is very sophisticated. Top notes are Lavender. Middle notes are Musk mellow, pear and Iris. Vetivier and Virginia Cedar are its low notes.


Aqua Di Gio EDT – Giorgio Armani: inspired by the smell of Mediterranean this is a personal favourite. It can be worn in winter, springs and fall any time of the day. It has strong aquatic and woody fragrance. Strong notes like spices and citrus and subtle notes like geranium, sage, rosmarry, patchouli and incense make the perfect and long lasting blend.

 Get your hands on some of the most popular fragrances and add that extra edge to you personality.



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Oliver Creed said, “Ladies, a man will never remember your handbag, but he will remember your perfume.” Smelling good can increase your attraction level by 99% and Victoria’s Secret makes sure you are always smelling good. Their sexy and sultry fragrances are one of the top selling in the world. Here we are with the top 3 Victoria’s Secret Eau De Parfums that you need to try out, now.

#1 Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Eau De Parfum:

This award-winning perfume by Victoria’s Secret is one of their best sellers because of its obviously sultry fragrance. The fruity floral scent of VS Bombshell perfume has prominent notes of Purple passion fruit, Shangri-la peony, and Vanilla orchid. Oh, and the pink ombre glass bottle is a bonus!

#2 Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Noir Tease Eau De Parfum:

A warm yet seductive scent like Tease by Victoria’s Secret is the best option for date nights and romantic vacations. The Black vanilla, Frozen pear, and Blooming gardenia notes in this perfume creates a sultry scent that will last on you for a really long time. This black lace adorned, pink glass perfume bottle is definitely going to add fire to your vanity.

#3 Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Eau De Parfum:

As angelic as its name, this perfume has heavenly fragrance notes of White Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and White Peony. This warm fragrance by Victoria’s Secret is perfect for a sensual twist in your everyday look without it being overpowering. The plus point? The long, chic glass bottle with gold accents is no less than a statement piece for your dressing table top.

These beautiful, warm, and sultry scents are sure to spice up your look this season. So, hurry up and get your hands on these seductive scents and make a statement.